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Recently, a fellow photog and I started a bit of a photo challenge to up our photography game. Not since a photo safari with fellow creatives nearly 8 years ago have I scoured the city so much and looked at architecture in that same discretionary way that one might even look at a potential mate when single. You think…is there something there that would “click” (pardon the pun). That building? Nope. Does that doorway look like an “n”…Nope. Okay. Moving on…

The challenge?
Create a word from letterforms from various architecture, stone or building material elements. Lemme tell ya, you think it’s easy. Go ahead. It’s a bit of a challenge. And very rewarding. There were many photos as letterforms that didn’t make the cut. For example, I looked at about 20+  churches in a 15 mile radius while looking for a “t” in the form of a cross. And did you know… only about 10% of modern churches seem to have an actual cross at near eye-level of the building–if a cross exists at all on the building facade? Here’s the final word V-E-L-O-C-I-T-Y:


* The “V” is courtesy of the Historic Rio Theater in Overland Park, Kansas. Thank you to the owner who allowed this photog to take pictures of the art deco structures inside this favorite venue. The “V” is actually a portion of the lobby ceiling as you look up.

Here’s a look at another version of the same word, where the V, C and T are replaced by a motel staircase, metal sign, and church cross respectively.

Velocity 2

Now, if only I can stop with seeing letterforms while driving. Is that an M? Wow, look at THAT “t” over there. Hey, there’s an “O”. Whew.


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